Met on Mutual: Stacy & Zander

Jul 12, 2022

Let me start with saying I’m so grateful to this app!!! I have been a member for as long as I can remember, but I became inactive soon after graduating high school and unfortunately had a child out of wedlock. After I had started down the path of coming back to church I downloaded this app hoping to find a friend, (who knew I would find so much more)! Anyways he was also kind of in the same situation as me, getting back to church and looking for a MUTUAL friend. But little did we know we would find each other. We matched and started talking the same day. We soon became very acquainted and started dating in April 2020. Due to circumstances such as COVID-19 and him living in Alaska and I in Texas, we did a long distance relationship. We realized that although dating was great we were looking for a deeper relationship we were engaged within 4 months (August)and had a civil wedding in November 2020. Zander and I are planning on getting sealed in the temple this month. Almost a year from our initial match.

Met On Mutual
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Exelente espero encontrar mi pareja eterna algún momento


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