Met on Mutual: Angy & Jeffrey

Jul 26, 2022

My husband Jeff and I met a year ago on mutual. We started talking on the app on the 18th of January last year.. Well I liked his profile because he has kids in his pictures he was a kids teacher in Russia by the time we started talking and I was in Argentina kind of far to start something…..we get along really fast because we both like cooking and food so that’s what we started talking about.. We have been talking through video chat on WhatsApp for 2 or 3 weeks until the 12 of February he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and have a long-distance relationship..I said yes so on the 14th of February for Valentine’s day he sent me flowers well it was supposed to come on the 14th but I got them a day earlier jaja after that to make this work we decided to have a date online every Saturday because I had to go to school too so we will dress up like we were in an actual date in person and we did that until we met in person. By March he told me he will change his plans and come to Argentina to visit me before going to his parent’s house in reno. I was so excited to meet him in person it was a long wait… He arrived in Argentina on June 2nd and it was the best day ever we spend a lot of time together and even come to my classes with me because I needed to go to school. We just spend two weeks together and then he left and I. Was so sad but I knew I was going to visit him soon on my first vacation in August… So I arrived in Reno on August 2nd and we spend time together and 2 weeks before I was going back to Argentina he proposed … He took me to a place to have a walk there was a lake and it was a nice place.. When we climbed to the top of a hill he hugs me and told me to look at the view and when I turned around to see him he was on his knees with a ring we got engaged on August 17th.. It was just the 2 of us so it was so special I will never forget it… We got married on November 2nd… It was such a special day for both of us.

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