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Hi, I’m Hunter Paramore, Director of UI/UX Design at Mutual. I’m excited to share with you the news that several of our most highly-requested features on are now available for everyone to use! Character Traits and Advanced Filtering!

Character Traits

Character Traits
Character Traits can now be added to your profile! This helps you see what you have in common with others, and can also be used by the new filters.

When it comes to dating someone, finding the right person is so much more than simply window shopping profile pics. Seeing the traits that you have in common with others is a great benefit, and can make all the difference between simply a ”pretty face”, and “Jordan, who also loves dogs, just like me!”

Taking it a step further, being able to filter by these traits helps focus your swiping time by curating your deck of profiles, showing only those who have the traits you are looking for in a potential match.

New Profile Traits

  • Distance
  • Education
  • Height
  • Language
  • Pets
  • Fitness
  • Politics
  • Marriage History
  • Children
  • Future Children
  • Relationship Goals
  • Church Activity
  • Temple Recommend
  • Mission

Each of these traits contains multiple options to choose from, as well as the ability to choose whether or not they show up on your public profile.


Hiding traits on your profile means that they won’t show up to others when they view your profile. However, traits that are hidden will still be used by the filters, meaning you will still show up in their filtered searches.
(Which is a good thing!)

Common Traits

New shared traits section shows what you and them have in common!

One of the greatest benefits that has been added for everyone (free and premium) is a new section at the top of each profile that shows which traits you have in common. In addition to this, there are new icons at the bottom of the main swiping screen that show how many traits and tags you have in common with them.


A list of filters that can be used to search for profiles.

The ability to filter profiles by certain traits has been at the top of our feedback list for some time. We are happy to announce that the entire list of profile traits will be available to use as filters, allowing premium subscribers to only see those that meet their search criteria.


Dealbreakers are traits that you are unwilling to budge on. Profiles that don’t match the criteria will not be shown to you at all unless you clear the filters.

Turning the dealbreakers off will still show you profiles that fit the filters you select, however if you run out of profiles it will continue to show others who are similar to your filter choice. This helps to show you more profiles that you would have otherwise missed, like that guy who is 5’6”, or that girl who is 31 years old.

Dealbreakers are powerful when used only on the things that matter most to you.

Filter Rollout Plan

In order to ensure the best day-1 experience for everyone using the new filters, we will be waiting several weeks before enabling them. This allows ample time for everyone to update their profiles with the new traits that will be used by the filters.

We encourage you to update your profile during that time, as it will give the immediate benefit of being able to see the shared traits in the other profiles, and will make the filters work well when we enable them later in the month.

Update Changelog

  • Added the following traits that you can fill out on your profile:
    • Children
    • Church Activity
    • Distance
    • Education
    • Fitness
    • Future Children
    • Height
    • Languages
    • Looking For/Relationship Goals
    • Marriage History
    • Pets
    • Politics
    • Served a Mission
    • Temple Recommend
  • Profiles
    • Added new sections in the ‘more info’ screen to show traits that the profile owner has chosen to display publicly.
    • Added a new section at the top of the ‘more info’ screen that shows common traits that you have in common with that person.
    • Added an indicator to the bottom of the profile photo that shows the amount of traits and interests that you have in common with that person.
    • Moved age, height, location, and verified status into the header bar, under the profile name.
  • My Profile
    • Completely redesigned the ‘Edit My Profile’ screen to add the new traits, and update the style to match our design system.
    • Made it easier to preview your own profile while editing your traits so that they can be easily checked.
  • Onboarding
    • Refreshed Account Creation to include all of the new traits.
    • Changed the order of the screens when creating an account to show the required questions first, and allow for the optional questions to be skipped if desired.
  • Filtering
    • Updated the filter screen to include all of the available filters that can be applied. Once applied, only profiles that meet the criteria will be shown.
    • Pending Filter Enable: Added a filter icon to the top of the main swiping screen to allow for easier access to the filters.
    • Added a “Dealbreaker” toggle when filtering, which allows you to choose which traits you are unwilling to budge on, and which are preferred, but not required. Doing so results in more potential matches with people who ‘almost’ meet your non-required traits.

Enjoying the update? Let us know in our Filter Update Survey, or by leaving a review in the App Store.

About the Author

Hunter Paramore

Hunter has been with Mutual since it was first created back in 2015. He is one of Mutual’s founders, and worked nights and weekends on this until 2021, where he was able to transition to be Mutual’s Full-Time Director of UI/UX Design. He currently is responsible for all of the interface design, product branding, and user research.

Hunter attended college at BYU-Idaho, where he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, with a focus on interface design. Since then, he has experience working both at smaller, more agile agencies, as well as major international corporations designing interfaces, testing products, developing branding and marketing materials, and designing web and native apps.

Hunter lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife and three boys, and enjoys listening to power metal, playing drums, airsoft, playing video games, and doing things with his family.


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    This is good. Pls can you make it that we can see whom we have liked but did not chat with?

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