Calling All Couples! 6 Of Our Favorite Dates You Don’t Want To Miss

Mar 26, 2022

Here at Mutual, our goal is to create eternal marriages. That means that we’re all about going on dates while you’re looking to find your eternal companion as well as continuing to date your spouse after marriage. We want to help you have the best dating experience possible, so we’re always looking for the best date night experiences for you. (We got you, boo!)

mutualDates is a great way to find fun, unique, and budget-friendly ideas for date night! We’ve been trying them out and put together a list of some of our favorite experiences in the app. No need to thank us, just try them out for yourself!


Go axe throwing for only $20/couple at Rhyno’s Axe Throwing with this mutualDates deal

“I loved the variety of throwing items Rhyno’s Axe Throwing had. I’ve been to a couple other places but being able to throw knives, ninja stars and even battarangs in addition to several different hatches was really fun. I got my battarangs to stick on the first try, guess I’m Batman.”


Get the full Nordic style experience at Plunj for $40/couple with this mutualDates deal

“This was a wonderful experience! I got the add-on for robes, drinks, and snacks on MutualDates- I was pretty much living in luxury. It was a crazy experience that was very fun to experience for the first time with someone else. Definitely will come back!”


Grab non-coffee (but tastes like coffee!) drinks for $6.95/couple with this mutualDates deal

“We were not native coffee drinkers so we didn’t know what to order from the coffee-like menu, and they were so helpful when helping us decide. One drink we LOVED and the other wasn’t our favorite, but they checked on us. They remade the other drink to be less strong without us asking- they were just so kind!! The environment was perfect for talking while also sipping on something fun and different!”


Hold exotic reptiles and tour Scales and Tails for $17/couple with this mutualDates deal

“If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you’ve probably been harassed by someone with a McCaw or an Iguana who offered to let you hold it and take a picture for $20. Well for $17 I held a 10 foot Burmese python around my neck along with 3 other snakes, two turtles, and a tarantula. The 1-hour guided tour was fantastic. My wife wasn’t interested in holding the snakes, but I was and had a blast. Nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to deepen a relationship. We brought the kids on a double-date to this one. My daughter was super brave!”


Download the mutualDates app and turn on notifications to be notified when the next Real Salt Lake deal becomes available!

“There was an awesome energy all throughout the stadium. I went on July 3rd and they had a massive fireworks show after the game. It also happened to be where I had my first kiss with my now girlfriend of 9 months. I’m a big fan!”


Get the full reflexology experience for $60/couple with this mutualDates deal

“Everyone should try Fika’s full body reflexology experience!! It is so soothing and relaxing. I want to go back every day! The people there are so kind and helpful. We had an amazing time, and loved saving with Mutual Dates!”

Kaleigh Adamson
Marketing Coordinator at Mutual | + posts

Kaleigh is a Marketing Coordinator for Mutual. She has worked with couples, relationships, dating, and love in a creative role for over a decade. She's a hopeless romantic who loves that her career allows her to help people find their soulmates. She downloaded Mutual when it first launched in 2016, coincidentally the same year she met her husband! They now live happily ever after in the Midwest with their two kids and dog.


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