Met on Mutual: Chaz & Stephanie

Mar 29, 2022

I came back from my mission and I was talking to a Member that I taught on my mission she suggested that I should hop on mutual I wasn’t really planning on getting on mutual or finding a a girl to take on a date but she really encouraged me cause her son has been on a lot of dates. Couple days went by hoping that I would get a messege back from some one when I sent this message “Hello Stephanie how are you doing? You seem like a very sweet person we should definitely get to know each other!! I would love to get a message back.” That weekend we went on our first date we went to the mall and we planned on going in but we just sat in the car and we started talking and connected so much I knew she was the one I want to marry. The next day went on and we went to make candles and that time it felt so right that she is definitely the one that’s for sure. We continued to go on dates more and more. On August 23rd, I got down on one knee and proposed to her, it was a total surprise to her and that’s what I wanted, we are now getting married in the Logan temple on December 16th. I can’t wait to spend eternity with this very very special girl in my life.

Met On Mutual
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Parece um Conto de Fadas. Gratidão Como sonho com está Verdade.

Hi. I’m wanting to meet a lady in Queensland for day ting


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