Met on Mutual: Chad & Catherine

We met on Mutual in February of 2021. We first texted back and forth through the app, but before long (the very same day) we exchanged numbers to more easily chat on WhatsApp. The following day we had our first phone call and we talked, and laughed, for hours. Once we started talking, it’s like we couldn’t stop. After about two or three days, we had our first video chat and began doing so everyday. We both realized early on (almost immediately) that there was something special between us, a connection that we’d never felt with with anyone else. We felt as though we were old friends, rekindling a fire that had begun long ago. Fast forward to April of 2021, when I traveled to Perú (where my wife is from) to meet for the first time in person. We spent two weeks together, and we didn’t want it to end! I fell in love hard and fast with Catherine (and she with me). This was rare for me, but I just knew it was right. A lot of times people ask me, “But how did you know?” It’s a great question, and it wasn’t something where I prayed about it and the Lord just said, “Yes, Chad, she’s the one; you need to ask her to marry you.” I think that’s what a lot of us expect sometimes, just for the Lord to tell us what to do because we are afraid. It is one of the most important decisions that we will ever make, in time and eternity, and so it’s a genuine concern for us to have. We want to be sure that we are making the right decision. However, one thing that I learned from mine and Cati’s journey together, is that a lot of times the Lord is not just going to tell us what to do, spelled out in simple words. He wants us to choose. For me, my answer came more subtley, but none the less just as powerful. I quickly recognized how I felt around Cati. I felt love, joy, peace, comfort,confidence, safety, patience; I felt free to be who I am. Everything flowed perfectly from the beginning. I never felt like I had to be someone else or to “impress” her. I never felt judged by her. I felt happy all the time. I knew that I could do and become everything good that I ever wanted, with her by my side. During the two weeks of April, when I visited her in Perú, was the same time that I proposed to her (on the beach). She of course said yes! It was the hardest thing to say goodbye when I returned to the United States at the end of my two week visit. But, we both had faith that we would be together again soon. We made plans for me to return to Perú at the end of May. I did, and I stayed in a private room that her family had, as we prepared for the wedding. We were married 4 August 2021 in her hometown of Perú (it is required by Peruvian law to be married civily before you can have what they call a religious ceremony), and then sealed, for time and all eternity, in the Lord’s House 12 August 2021 (the Trujillo, Perú Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). We spent a couple weeks in Cusco, Perú for our honeymoon, and we had an absolute blast! We visited Machu Picchu, the Laguna Humantay, and enjoyed many other unforgettable experiences together. We have now been happily married for about five and a half months, and we’re loving every second of our life together. We never knew that it was even possible to be as happy as we feel now. We love doing everything together; cooking together, traveling together, dancing together, serving together, and working together. We feel eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father for bringing us together. We know that it was not just happenstance that we came across each other, although we were worlds apart. The Lord and His perfect plan knows no bounds, and there is no obstacle too great that cannot be overcome with Him. My wife and I are living witnesses of that truth. If I could say anything to someone who is looking for their true love, I would say don’t give up. Every promise that the Lord has made to you, will become a reality. Be patient. Have faith. Never lose hope, and face your fears. God loves you, and if you allow Him to, He will make your life into something more beautiful than you ever could have imagined. Trust in Him and His perfect timing.

Met On Mutual
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These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!


These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!

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