Met on Mutual: Gabi & Takudzwa

Feb 8, 2022

We are so glad to share this with you guys, first of all thank you so much.

I moved to the United States on March 2020 to do an exchange, I am from Argentina and my husband is from Zimbabwe, he came to the US on 2013. He served a mission in Sacramento, CA and I served mine In Salvador South, Brazil.

We met on Mutual in October 2020 general conference, at that point he was back from his mission and he knew he wanted to get married and I knew my husband was in this country. We both had prayed and listen to Elder Holland at general conference, we match on Saturday night session and we video chat on Sunday, we both laughed a lot and we kept talking, a week after he asked me to be his girlfriend and after that in November he drove 9 hours from Midland, TX to Houston, TX with his WHOLE FAMILY to see me. It was a lot, but we handled it. We had hard times like any other good couple but we made it work. In March I went to Midland to visit for 2 weeks and he proposed in the Lubbock, TX temple, moment I will never forget. After that I needed to keep doing my exchange on San Francisco, CA but I couldn’t I just wanted to get married and start my family, and so I did, I flew back to my beautiful and hot Texas and got married. After 3 months we got sealed at the same temple he proposed and there is another moment I will never forget. We’ve been married 6 months now and I love my married life, it is just so much fun and heavenly. I am grateful to God for my husband and I am grateful for you guys!

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