Met on Mutual: Emily & Bryant

Apr 8, 2019

You won’t believe the crazy date Emily and Bryant had – it involves 4 broken ribs and a first kiss!


“Bryant and I met on mutual in October 2017. We both had a friend tell us to get Mutual! He sent me some flirty messages and said he was buying movie tickets, and not to cancel because then he would have to go alone! So I did not! We went to a movie our first date and Bryant asked me out for the next Saturday. On our second date we went four wheeling, he had ended up wrecking the four wheeler! Almost killing me actually because it had landed on us, mostly me! He jumped out with just scratches, and had an adrenaline rush and just, pulled it off! I had 4 broken ribs, blood was in my lungs and I was in very bad condition. On the way to the hospital I had actually kissed him. I looked at him in the car ride, him holding me up so I could breathe, and he just felt so bad you could tell by the look on his face! This had happened the Saturday before Halloween.

He visited everyday when I was in the hospital. When I got out, he asked me to be his girlfriend November 11th! I said okay!

I liked him so much because he is the FUNNIEST guy! He constantly cracks jokes and makes me smile!” – Emily

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