Mutual’s First Engagement: Kristina & David

Mar 11, 2019

David and Kristina met on Mutual back when the app first launched! On the very day Kristina joined Mutual, she swiped on David and it was a match. Shortly afterward they agreed to meet for a date!

“Our first date was just magical, and It was instantly clear that we were compatible. This gave way to seeing each other every day and building a relationship that we both wanted to develop. The crazy thing is that I only lived 20 minutes away from Kristina for two years and never crossed paths with her. I was planning to leave Arizona to start an MBA program at BYU and I never would have met her without Mutual.” – David

Kristina and David were Mutual’s very FIRST engagement!

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Here’s what Kristina had to say about their lives post-Mutual!:

“We’ve now been married for 2.5 years, but it feels so much longer because our lives are just so different from when we met. When we got married we moved to Provo, UT where David got his MBA at BYU. He graduated and we moved to Bellevue, WA right away for David to start his new job. We really enjoy living here and are excited for the weather to warm up again so we can continue exploring this beautiful state. In July 2018 we had a beautiful baby boy named James. He is 7 months old now and growing so fast! He is the light of our lives and brings so much joy to our family. He truly is just the happiest little boy. He LOVES to laugh and have fun. He loves our puppy Pongo, and she loves him too. They are best friends. He already feeds her food off of his tray. We love watching him grow. I am enjoying the full time mom gig. Its a lot of work but James is so fun and I am learning A LOT. We are just so happy and so blessed. Life is so good and David and I couldn’t be happier to have each other through this crazy adventure.

– David, Kristina, James & Pongo”

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