Mary & Jon: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Nov 14, 2023

We had both been on mutual for a while, she had a harder time than myself, I found a girlfriend within 2 weeks of chatting. That didn’t work out after 6 months and I went back to mutual and sent a message to someone I messaged before and didn’t get a response last time. She messaged back and I asked if she wanted to chat on zoom because we could sort of get to know each other better. She also said she was looking for marriage, not dating, so that got me interested because I was not interested in just “dating”. We arranged a zoom meeting and hit it off. She lived 12 hours from me. We arranged to meet for a date, and we went to supper, and it went so well we arranged a second one the next night! She is everything I was looking for, and next she invited me to her family’s Christmas dinner!!! Didn’t expect that after just 2 dates. She had an amazing family, and we continued to date and within 5 months we were engaged and 3 months after that we had an amazing wedding! We just celebrated our 1st anniversary and it has been the best year of my life. Wouldn’t be possible without Mutual! If I had one piece of advise for everyone…..don’t judge a book by its cover. Reach out and ask for a zoom meeting and see if your personalities match. Text is great for initial contact….but how do you know if someone is right for you if you don’t have a conversation face to face! Have similar interests….my wife and I love golf, all sports, even WWE Wrestling and we like to LAUGH! Super important to have a sense of humor and be FUN! Again, don’t just a book by its cover….human beings usually clean up nicely when they find love!

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