Met on Mutual: Chris & Andy

Aug 8, 2023

I have had Mutual for a few years and while I would frequently get matches, nothing would stick. I was honestly on the verge of giving up when I decided to give it one last 6-month stretch. I also decided to open up my search preferences to be worldwide, instead of just in California (where I am). I struck gold when I matched with Andy in early February and I sent my first message on February 8th, 2023. She’s a faithful saint living in Mexico and we hit it off immediately. And in one of our earliest phone conversations, she revealed that SHE had only been using Mutual for a couple of weeks lol So go figure! While both of us have had past relationships end in very unfortunate and heartbreaking ways, Andy and I felt Heavenly Father working his magic between us. We still feel today that our meeting and our relationship has very much been guided by Him. After moving our chat to WhatsApp and many, many phone conversations, I decided to fly out to Mexico to meet Andy and her family, who are faithful members, serving their local ward. The trip was amazing and so was her family. On the Sabbath, we had the opportunity to go church together for the first time and that day left such a huge impact on me… seeing Andy in her Sunday best, watching her serve and care for the members of her ward, and being able to feel the Spirit alongside her was deeply moving and something I will never forget. I knew I was going to marry her. But the long-distance relationship did not make any of this easy. As a filmmaker, I was in the process of juggling three movies in various stages and I knew I had to A: Ask her parents’ permission and, B: Figure out a memorable time and place to propose. For the permission, the two big obstacles were getting in front of her parents without her around, and also… speaking Spanish lol Andy’s family speaks Spanish as their first language, and while they can understand some English, I knew that this white-boy Nebraskan-native would have to step it up to get the job done haha So I had one of my fellow High Councilors translate a letter I had written into Spanish for me. And when I returned to Mexico for the second time, I had my moment with Andy’s parents… the only problem was, Andy was in the room too lol I felt a strong prompting in the moment telling me, “It’s OKAY. She needs to be here…” And so, I pulled out the letter and began reading. After I finished (and while everyone was clearly in shock) Andy tearfully translated her parents’ responses to me. The responses were touching and, thankfully, full of support and happiness for us both. I would not have been able to receive these blessings had I not listened to that sweet prompting and I am so grateful for that. So, the jig was up! Andy knew I was going to propose, she just didn’t know when or where. And so for the next month, I prepared (whilst still juggling several movie projects) to create something to show my devotion to Andy in the only way I knew how… through movies. Andy and I both love the movies and we have bonded through them, and so, I think it was only fitting that engagement take place in the theater, in front of friends and family. She had no idea, and she was comforted and surprised that I had also secretly got her dad in on it (as my hologram “Nick Fury”) lol It was an incredible and unforgettable night. I’ll let the video do all the talking from here 😉 Thanks, Mutual!

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