Met on Mutual: Jules & Scead

Jul 18, 2023

When I moved to utah I started working at the Vasa Gym in Taylorsville UT. Scead was one of the regulars at the gym and I’d see him every day I worked. However he never talked to me and I never talked to him. But I’d catch him looking at me here and there when he’d come in and leave. Fast forward 3 months I randomly decided to download mutual and he was the first person I matched with. I sent him a message and we started talking and I found out he was getting stationed In Arkansas 3 weeks from then. So we spend us much time together as possible before he left. We decided to do long distance and the rest is history. Scead has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. We got engaged on February 18th this year. I can’t wait to start our eternal family together.

Met On Mutual
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