Avoid This Awkward Situation

Oct 20, 2022

It can be so awkward when you’re out on a date or flirting it up at a game night and you get a notification from a dating app match! Obviously, you don’t want to turn off notifications altogether and miss when someone is matching or messaging you, but you don’t want the person you’re interested in to see you getting messages from other people. 

With the latest iOS update, it is easier than ever to create a customized, personalized focus setting. To avoid this awkward situation, we recommend creating a “Dating” focus. This way when you go to show your date the 🔥 pics you took last week, you won’t get an untimely notification about yet another match. 

How To Set Up Personalized Focus

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings, and then select ‘Focus.’ 
  2. Tap the Add button +, then tap Custom or browse additional options.
  3. Enter a name for your Focus.
  4. Choose a color and an icon to represent your Focus (we like the heart), then tap Next.
  5. Customize the options for your Focus.

                                                        Focus On What Matters Most

While you’re on a date it’s important to be present and in the moment. Turn on your “Dating” Focus to remove the unwanted distractions. Your messages and matches will still be there when you get back. After the date, you can turn off the focus and start receiving notifications again. Hopefully, the date went well though and you’ll be a little less excited to message somebody else. 


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