Expert Panel – How Do You Put Yourself Out There When It Seems Like No One Is Interested?

Liv Talley

LDS Dating Coach & Expert
Podcaster of “With Love, From Liv”
IG @livtalley_coach

How will you know if someone new could be interested if you DON’T put yourself out there? If you act as if anyone you meet would be interested in you, you may surprise yourself to find out how many times you’re actually right!

Geoff Steurer

MS, LMFT, and Author
Podcaster of “From Crisis to Connection”
IG @geoffsteurer

It’s easy to believe that what you see is what’s really happening. Sometimes there are things happening that you can’t see. For example, how do you really know others aren’t interested? Sure, you might not be getting any major signals right away, but If you’re only putting yourself out there to get a result, you’ll keep measuring everything and become more anxious. How about just showing up in the world as the best version of yourself? How about building relationships with others without trying to predict whether this is the one? Healthy long-term relationships are built on a foundation of friendship, respect, and mutual appreciation. Sometimes we start with a fiery attraction and then build the friendship over time. Other times, we build the friendship and it grows deep and turns into attraction. It’s tempting to pull up the daisies to see how the roots are doing, so keep nurturing relationships and showing up as your awesome self!

Adam Moore

Podcaster of “Pocket Therapist”
IG @dradammoore


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