Met on Mutual: Sara & Jack

We Eloped!!!! 1/11/2022

We gonna do a friends and family event when we get sealed don’t worry.

Our Happily ever after:

We met on mutual the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints dating app. I made the first move after he matched with me first. He had a dog and a gun of his page. I already knew he was the one. I sent him a cheesey pick up line from Pinterest in September. “put your hands up, I’m here to steal your heart ”. After talking for 3 weeks and being official for 1, we decided to meet in person. Our first date was to boise where he met my parents. We continued to date and get more serious. Many new and fun dates happened, though we were long distance it didn’t stop us. He would drive the 1:20 and we would go to the movies and the mall in twin falls. The next week I would drive to mountain home and we would go to Walmart and find way to have fun there. In October he took me shopping and proposed in the autumn leaf filled parking lot of my college. When planning the wedding we knew a traditional one was out of the picture With me having divorced parents. Elopement was perfect for most parties but not ideal. We were able to be together. Very personal and we loved it. Now we are starting a new year and new life together. Can’t wait for the many new memories.


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