How to Contact Mutual Support

Nov 14, 2020

How do I get help from Mutual? 

Sometimes things aren’t working perfectly on Mutual and you need a little help! In this situation your best bet is to contact us directly at Your inquiry is called a “ticket”. It’s through tickets that our support team is able to communicate with you and help you find a solution to your problem.

A Few Things To Try Before You Contact Support

Before we go into more detail on “tickets”, let’s explore some things you can do yourself that might resolve your problem!

  • Close out the app and relaunch it 
  • Restart your phone 
  • Delete & reinstall the app 
  • Check your Wi-Fi / Cellular service 

These are the most common solutions to problems within the Mutual app, so always be sure to give them a try!

The Two Types of Tickets

There are two ways to submit a ticket, and, thus, there are two types of tickets: In-app tickets and out-of-app tickets. The difference is in the name, but in-app tickets are submitted inside of the Mutual App, while out-of-app tickets are submitted through your email. Both types of tickets ultimately accomplish the same goal, but there are some key differences to keep in mind if you ever need to fill one or the other out.

In-app tickets come packaged with a lot of handy information that out-of-app tickets do not! In-app tickets include:

  • The data you’ve logged while using the app
  • The version of the app you’re running on

The extra information packed into an in-app ticket can be invaluable to getting you a speedy resolution to your problem, so we’d always recommend you submit your ticket from inside the app if possible!

However, we know that sometimes the very reason you’re submitting a ticket is because you can’t get into the app! In a case where you have to submit a ticket via your personal email keep  a few things in mind:

  • We do not know who you are! We will have to look you up using either your first and last name, or your email address, so make sure that you include the exact name you’re using with the app or use the email address associated with the app when you write to us!
  • We won’t get the data that you’ve logged while using the app! In a lot of cases this isn’t crucial, but if you are experiencing a bug, it helps us solve the problem faster!

How to Submit A Ticket

An in-app ticket is submitted directly through the Mutual App. You can do this inside of the app:

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  2. Go to HELP AND FAQ
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Press the little notepad and pencil icon in the top right corner
  5. Press Start a Conversation
  6. Explain the problem you are facing.

An out-of-app ticket is submitted indirectly through your personal email.

  1. Begin a new email
  2. Address it to
  3. Make the subject be a brief description of your problem
  4. Make the body be a more detailed account of your problem.

What should you write in a ticket?

When you’re filling out a ticket it’s crucial that you give us as much detail as you can. We do our best to respond to tickets as quickly as possible, but if you send in your initial ticket without the proper information then we’ll have no choice but to send you an email asking for more details. We don’t mind doing this, but this will absolutely make it take longer for you to get a solution to your problem! So please be detailed and specific with your initial tickets! Here are some things you should include:

  • The First and Last name associated with your account
  • Any email associated with your account
  • What is the problem you are experiencing?
  • When did it first happen?
  • How many times has it happened?
  • Is there anything you’ve already tried to fix the problem?


Here at Mutual we’re always doing our best to make your experience using our app as smooth and painless as possible, but when things go wrong and you need our help, please take the information presented in this blog post to heart!

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I canceled my subscription and was charged again and I want a refund. How do I go about getting this back?

Hey Kaylynn! We can definitely help you with that. Send an email to and we’ll get everything set straight!

I have tried to contact mutual support for over a week with multiple emails and still have not received an email back.

Hey Ryan! Sorry we haven’t gotten back to you! Please check your spam or you can live chat with us from 9-5 on weekdays and we can help you there! Thanks for your patience. 🙂

Like other apps, Mutual should give the option to clear chat. Why? I’ve sent a message that didn’t go through “Message failed to sent. Retry” But it was good for I later decided not to send it anyways, but the message continues in the chat waiting for me to retry even after I decided not to send it, but can not clear it either.

That’s such a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Why on this site we can’t able to search?no free search need to pay?how you help a members to find someone here?I wish give chance to those no money to pay on this apps😔

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