The One That Got Away? Not Anymore: Introducing The New “You Liked” List And More!

Apr 15, 2023

We are constantly working to make Mutual the best dating experience possible, but we may have outdone ourselves this time. Kidding. Kind of. Our team has been working hard to make some of our most highly-requested features available for everyone to use.

(Did you know that you can request features? Head over to to request a feature or upvote a feature you’d like to see!)

You Liked List

The “You Liked List” – a NEW and completely FREE feature – is just what it sounds like; a list of people you’ve swiped up on! Now you won’t have to worry about “the one that got away.” You can engage with the people who have previously caught your eye, making it easier to start conversations and build connections with them. You can send Notes and Boosts to people you’ve already liked, increasing your chances of a match!

Note that this update is currently only available to IOS devices. It will be available for Android soon!

The ‘Liked’ Tab

The “Heart” tab or “Liked You” tab will now be called the “Liked” tab to help distinguish the role it plays in the Mutual journey. Tap on that tab to see both lists – who you’ve liked and who has liked you!

Grid View

The section to see those you’ve liked (totally free) and the section to see who’s liked you (available with a MutualUp subscription) are now in a grid view. This means you’ll be able to see more people at one time to find the one you’re looking for.

Online Status

You can now see the online status of those who have liked you in the Likes Tab! See who is “Online” (opened the app within the last 10 minutes) or who was “Online Today” (opened the app within the past 24 hours.)

People that you have liked in the past will not show up in this list if they have been inactive for 60+ days, they’ve liked you back and you unmatched, their account has been suspended or is unverified, or they are in Ninja Mode. Your likes will show up in order of most recent to oldest.

Knowing whether someone is or recently was active on the app makes it easier for you to know whether you want to like, message, or send a Note to someone.

Mass Downswiping

You can now mass downswipe on profiles from the Liked You list, allowing you to see only the options that you are most interested in. Simply tap the three-dot menu in the top right, and choose “Select” to enable it.

Are you excited about these new features? What other features would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments or by voting at

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It would be helpful to know if someone on the “You Liked” tab has already swiped down on you or if your profile is still waiting in their queue.

I keep having people show up under “you liked” that I haven’t swiped on! How is that happening?

I think their should be a new feature where you can see who liked you it would be easier to match and to make better connections!

So I swipe up again on accident all the time on the like page and then the profile disappears even with a swipe up! Is there any way to get my liked profiles back?

Hey Emma! When you like someone, you will see their profile again if you match. We also have the option to see your matches too in the heart tab! Please reach out to if you have other questions!! 🙂

Hey! Thanks for these new features and improvements! Quick question. Does the “You liked” list include people who have swiped down on me (without bringing me back with a refresh)? Or Is it people whose queue my profile is sitting in? This will greatly affect how I use this feature.

So glad you like the new features and improvements! Our developers are constantly working on that!
The “You Liked” section does include those who have swiped down on you so that you can send them a note to have another chance 🙂

When will this feature be live? Grid view and mass downswiping are working, but I do not see the “You Liked” tab.

Hi. These new features are for paying ones only. ? Your advert says free for that one to see the likes but it does not show- unless one pays


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