Met on Mutual: Ricio & Derek

Mar 14, 2023

Derek and I matched in July 2020. We had our first date just a few days after that, and we connected immediately. I thought he was the most handsome and sweet man out there. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later and we started dating. However, after a few months, we talked, and realizing that we had different ideas about where the relationship was going, we broke up. We kept in touch after that, but only intermittently as we’d occasionally bump into each other.

Then, in May 2022, Derek reached out to me, and we decided to give our relationship another shot. Things moved faster this time around, and we decided to get engaged! It all worked out just perfectly and we are now closer than ever. We are got married on December 17, 2022, in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. If it was not for Mutual, we never would have found each other.

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