Met on Mutual: Maxine & Steven

Jan 31, 2023

Steven and I met on the mutual app during the peak of Covid-19. I guess at this point we had both been on dating apps for quite some time so our expectations were very low and we waited on being ghosted. There was no cheesy pickup line as well, just a simple “how’s it going with you?”. I had a list of red flags and Steven did not have one of them. Before I knew it, I was staying up late or waking up early. You know that teenage thrill you get when you’re talking to your high school crush.. It was like that only with a 17-hour difference and being 7,973 miles apart. We wanted to date so bad and knew we couldn’t enjoy that luxury until we met in person but we made it work, thanks to facetime. We sent letters to each other that took 3 months to arrive and that slowly progressed into birthday, Christmas, and valentines day packages. Steven also came up with the cutest idea and bought a book. Every time we sent packages we exchanged the “book of our lives” where we write things about ourselves, whether past or future.

Through some spiritual inspiration, I knew quite early that Steven was going to be my eternity. Which is quite off considering I wasn’t living up to the gospel standards like I know I should have been to receive such a blessing in my life. The only thing that wasn’t working in our favor was the travel restrictions around Covid-19, we found it was easier for me to travel to the States than for Steven to visit Australia. As soon as those travel restrictions dropped I booked my flight and met Steven for the first time in person at the SMF Sacramento airport. I stayed with him and his lovely family for 3 months and returned home in. We waited another 4 months till we saw each other again on when Steven came to meet my family here in Melbourne and proposed.

2 years ago when I told my family about Steven my dad said: “tell Steven you are like a rose, if he doesn’t pick you now you’ll be gone forever”. To my surprise, Steven actually remembered this and planned a proposal at the Royal Botanical Garden in the rose pavilion surrounded by roses. Though it all didn’t go as planned it couldn’t have been more perfect and special. I’ll never forget the thought put into another day to remind me I am so loved. We are now planning the next special event in our lives and hope this will be the last year we spend apart.

Long distance is hard but it has been so kind to us.

We have been so fortunate to have met one another and know that we are very blessed. We cannot thank mutual enough!

Thank you for being the best wingman ever,


Two grateful hearts who are an ocean apart

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