Met on Mutual: Esami & Aaron

Nov 8, 2022

Perhaps our story will be the craziest you will ever hear, but we prefer to call it that we had enough faith.

It all started in the year when the pandemic began, which was in 2020 (if you didn’t remember ). I decided to download Mutual and I told myself “this year I will meet my future husband.” I had conversations with over 200 guys and I’m not exaggerating!  The thing is that I was already tired of starting convos over and over again with new guys so I decided to stop using the app for a while. My plans were to move to Utah I am from Mexico so just leave the app and use it again until I move. Of course, I thought I would have more options changing my location but the time kept running and 2020 was about to end when I felt to use again the app and give it a try before the year would end and I would have moved to Utah. I was just swiping down and up when I stopped to see his profile and the only thing I read about his bio was “ I am Swiss” the first thing that came to my mind was “ wow that´s far away” but well I will give him a like, he seems to be a good one”. The next day after I liked him he liked me back.

When I liked his profile that was the last day that his premium account was still valid since previous days he had already canceled his account so he was still able to see who had liked him and he could see mine. He told me that he paid for one month to have the “premium account” so little by little we began to realize that all this was planned so that things would happen that way. Someone up there wished that we could meet, we do not believe in “destiny” but we do believe that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. After that he asked me for my whatsapp because he deleted his Mutual app, he said he was gonna have it just for a month. We were talking so much even with 7 hours of difference between us and I can say we hit it off perfectly, I was sure “I matched with my right guy on  December 16th, 2020” just when barely the year would end and I realized I achieved my goal I had at the beginning of the year “meet my future husband this year”. We both wanted the same thing: to get sealed in the temple. We realized our goals and dreams matched and we wanted the best for each other.

Here comes the best part.

After 2 weeks of talking we knew that we were what we had been looking for, he bought his flight ticket to meet me in person in March 2021 as I said before we did not want to be wasting time, we knew that we were going to get married, we knew we were perfect for each other. So before we met in person we began to search the requirements for marriage. We came to the conclusion that it was easier and cheaper haha to get married in Mexico so we prayed and fasted to have our personal revelation and to know and feel that we were doing the right thing. We put together all the requirements and… when we met in person for the first time we got married in a civil ceremony!! That’s right, when we met for the first time we got married on April 5th, 2021 (I told you that our story is very unusual) and that’s how we started my visa process. As we were in the middle of the pandemic, the temples were closed even for the ordinances of the living so we had to wait a little longer, already legally married we got sealed on October 1st, 2021, and with a visa in hand. Everything went perfectly and now I live in Switzerland with my eternal partner. A little update: we already turned our first year of marriage (April 5, 2022).

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