Met on Mutual: Alyssa & Colby

Sep 20, 2022

Hello, my name is Allyssa and I met my soon-to-be husband, Colby, on mutual! I had been using the app for over a year with no success in finding someone who was interested in pursuing a serious relationship. Fast forward to a year later and Colby joined mutual 3 days prior to matching with me haha. (Goes to show sometimes you have to be patient to find love, or it might be around the corner!). We set up a dinner date to eat Thai food, and the moment I laid eyes on him I was immediately attracted! (He gets prideful about it and says he knew I was digging him from the start). He also felt the same way about me though so it’s fine lol. Our conversation was effortless and we both felt extremely comfortable with each other as if it wasn’t our first date. The rest has been history, we’ve been each other’s best friends ever since.

Met On Mutual
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