Introducing Comments, Boosts, and Notes

Mar 30, 2022

You may have noticed some changes in the app recently. There’s a bunch of new features to enhance your experience and increase your chances of finding a match! But what are these new features? And how do they work?


There’s nothing worse than matching with someone, hoping it will go somewhere, but then never having a conversation with them post-match. Now you can comment on any aspect of their profile in order to start the conversation in a more organic way! (Don’t worry, you can still message the old way if you prefer.)

For example, let’s say you’re swiping and you see that someone served a mission in London. You recently went on a trip to London! You can now comment directly on that part of their profile. 

If they also swipe up on you, your comment on their photo will be the first thing that shows up in your conversation with them. Now you can start your conversation by talking about your mutual love of London instead of just “hey.”


A boost anonymously prioritizes your profile in someone’s swiping feed so that your profile is among the first that they see. It’s essentially a cut in line of potential suitors that ensures your profile is seen. The other person won’t know that you used a boost on them. For all they know, the algorithm could’ve placed you first in line!

They still won’t see any comments on their profile unless they also swipe up on you. All users will get 1 free boost every week. MutualUp users will get 1 free boost every day


Notes are a guaranteed message with someone before you match. It’s essentially a boost and a comment combined! (Messaging post-match is still free. This is to message them before you match!)

People who send notes are 3 times more likely to match! Your profile will be prioritized in their swiping feed AND you’ll be placed directly in their inbox for 7 days. 

Unlike Boosts, Notes are not anonymous. The person you send a note to will receive a notification that you sent them a note. It’s a bolder way to cut in line and make a move! All users will get one free note every week. MutualUp users will get one free note every day!



Comments are free! Send as many as you want as often as you like. 


Everyone gets 1 free boost each week. MutualUp users get 1 free boost each day. Additional boosts can be purchased within the app.


Everyone gets 1 free note each week. MutualUp users get 1 free note each day. Additional notes can be purchased within the app.

As always, Mutual is free to use. These new features, as well as the MutualUp subscription, are here to help enhance your experience, speed up the process, and increase your chances of finding your person! If you never try, you’ll never know, so give it a try!

Get an extra 28+ Notes and 28+ Boosts a month with MutualUp!
Kaleigh Adamson
Marketing Coordinator at Mutual | + posts

Kaleigh is a Marketing Coordinator for Mutual. She has worked with couples, relationships, dating, and love in a creative role for over a decade. She's a hopeless romantic who loves that her career allows her to help people find their soulmates. She downloaded Mutual when it first launched in 2016, coincidentally the same year she met her husband! They now live happily ever after in the Midwest with their two kids and dog.


Thanks for the great information. I learned alot from your article.

Glad we could help! Have a good day. 🙂

Please I want to add a payment of sending note, probably is not working out,

So sorry it’s not working! Please reach out to and they can help you there! 🙂

Esta lindo dar like pero sería mucho mejor conseguir una novia de verdad


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