Met on Mutual: Mitchell & Courtney

Dec 17, 2021

My story is a story of apps, fun and Gods perfect plan. I came home early from my mission. I tried so hard to go back. Little did I know that if I had gone back, I wouldn’t have met my now husband. He and I matched my first semester at BYU Idaho. We went on a first date that ended up lasting 8 hours! From then on, we were inseparable. We got married January 2020. Now we have a little son born March 2021. You see, we couldn’t have done it without mutual though. The semester that we were dating we met up between each class so Mitchell could walk me to each of my classes. We discovered we would just barely miss each other every day the few weeks we didn’t know each other. He lived across campus from me and we were in completely different fields of study. He and I were on different tracks with only one overlapping track. He was from Utah and I was from Ammon Idaho. He had downloaded mutual for one night only. I was just on the app cuz why not. Coming home from my mission early was in Gods perfect plan because it allowed me to be in that one semester with Mitchell. We were able to match on mutual and go out. We wouldn’t have met later on in semesters because of Covid-19. He would’ve gone home and so would I. I almost got into a toxic relationship with someone but then I matched with Mitchell and he instantly proved himself to be a gentleman and kind. God helped us find each other through the Mutual Dating App. What a strange world. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I’m proud to be a #MutualSuccessStory

Met On Mutual
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