Met on Mutual: Makayla & Marcus

Nov 19, 2021

So good things happen to those who wait I guess! I had been on mutual for 3 years. When I handed my phone to my friend so she could swipe for me. She proceeded to swipe up on Marcus and words cannot describe how grateful I am that she did! We matched and started taking in April of this year 2021. After hours of me messaging him trying to get him to ask me out he finally did. We went and got some cake and it is honestly the best date I have ever been on! People say I am cheesy but I knew I was going to marry him after that first date. We went out a couple more time that month before he he asked me to be his girlfriend and it is still honestly one of the best days of my life we went and got dinner and he asked me and we started dating. Things moved pretty fast after that within a week we had told each other that we loved the other and by August on 2021 we were engaged. We just go married on October 23 and I have never been as happy as I am right now! I love him so much he takes such good care of me and he makes me so happy! I will forever be grateful that I stayed on Mutual because it gave me the chance.

Met On Mutual
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