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A picture speaks a thousand words and we absolutely understand the struggle of choosing solid profile pics. In fact, many of the single Mutual team members have experienced the struggle before when creating our own profiles. We’ve also manually reviewed every single new profile that gets created so we’ve seen the best of the best and have a handful of best practices to share. Additionally, we work extremely hard to keep Mutual a safe and comfortable place free of creeps! When approving user photos, there are occasionally pics that don’t make the cut because they don’t follow the photo guidelines. We want people to be able to fly through the review process as fast as they can so they can start matching, so we want to share some do’s and don’ts to help you create a profile that will stand out to your potential matches and won’t get slowed down in the approval process.

The Ultimate Photo

We’ll get to what to wear in a minute, but take the following as the world’s shortest guide to taking the greatest profile picture ever.

Be authentic! Everybody is unique and we believe that there’s somebody for everybody. Check out the Mutual Success Stories and see how different everyone is! Conveying what’s most interesting and fun about you in your photos lets potential fans of your quirks and talents know about them sooner. Be your best self!

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Face the camera (at least in the first photo)! People want to see your smiling face, not the back of your head. Profiles that don’t include any front-facing photos will most likely not get any matches and probably won’t get approved in the first place. Show yourself!

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Avoid group photos (especially for your first photo)! When people find your profile, they want to check you out, not play “Where’s Waldo”. In the majority of your photos, you should be the star just for the sake making it clear who the profile belongs to.

Avoid selfies whenever possible! Taking a picture of your head from barely an arm’s reach away will make your face look a lot rounder than it really it is. I’m not making this up! The next time you look at your face in the bathroom mirror, slowly move closer and closer to the mirror and watch your face turn round and your ears start to disappear. Selfies do the same thing. When you have a friend take a picture for you, try using your phone’s 2x optical zoom and get some distance.


Let there be light! Avoid settings that cast dark shadows on your face or have harsh light that washes you out. The best photos are the clearest.

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What to wear?

As a general rule, Mutual is more akin to a ward party for singles than a temple trip or even a Sunday meeting. If you want to wear a suit and tie to wow the ladies or a Sunday dress to woo the guys, go for it! However, at a ward party you should feel relaxed and free to dress comfortably and casually. Mutual’s photo guidelines are the same way. Shorts, sandals, hats, sunglasses and even tank tops all get a thumbs up. Feel free to bring the feather boa. Someone will probably dig it!

What if the ward party is pool party? Then bring on the swimsuit and floaties! Yes, you heard right. Swimsuits aren’t banned on Mutual. Are you forced to wear a swimsuit because it’s a pool party? Of course not. But know that a guy’s profile will never be denied because was flexing shirtless at the beach in a picture and a girl’s profile won’t be denied because she was taking a beach sunset selfie in a two-piece. Bishop wouldn’t kick you out of a party for being outfitted to play in the water… unless you show up in a man thong or micro-bikini. We don’t have a magical rule set for the number of square inches of bare skin that are allowed, but we do expect users to use common sense and we hold the right to deny photos that we feel are a little too racy.

So, swimsuits get a thumbs up when they’re by the poolside, but would you walk around shirtless or wear a skin-tight swimsuit if there wasn’t even a pool at the party at all? Hopefully not. Context matters a lot when our team approves photos. This can’t be emphasized enough. Shirtless at the lake? Okay. Shirtless in front of the gym mirror? Not gonna work! Sandy bikini by the seashore? Makes sense. Bikini in the bathroom? Not today!

No Brainers

Now for a few no-brainers. We think these all go without saying, but we’ll say them just to avoid any confusion. We understand that taste and sense of humor vary among each individual, but the following are taken very seriously and should be absolutely avoided:

  • Anything overtly sexual
  • Anything intentionally hateful or ill-willed
  • Vulgarity
  • Racism
  • Inappropriate gestures
  • Gore and blood

Have fun, be smart, and get out there!

Mutual Team
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Our team of love experts at Mutual works hard to make sure you have the most helpful dating advice out there. Whether you're still searching for your person or working to move your relationship from the chat bubble to in-person, we've got your back every step of the way.


Our team of love experts at Mutual works hard to make sure you have the most helpful dating advice out there. Whether you're still searching for your person or working to move your relationship from the chat bubble to in-person, we've got your back every step of the way.


  1. Vickie Mortensen Reply

    I’m not sure how to get help here. I’m unable to get into my app because I need a pic with the book of mormon. But I haven’t been able to get it to work. Please help.

  2. Katrina Reply

    I need help. I’ve tried and tried to do the selfie holding Book of Mormon while that pink button shows rings moving. Nothing happens. It’s been over a month of trying it day after day and so gave up and telling you guys that I cannot get onto mutual just because that pink button or selfie thing won’t let me move on to next question or phase. I read Book of Mormon everyday but can’t get the part to work. Very frustrating!!

  3. Larissa Reply

    To chatiada por que minha conta foi temporariamente desativada? Eu não acho minhas fotos inadequadas não.

  4. Mateo Lucas Martinez Reply

    My account has been suspended twice for a photo I don’t feel is at all inappropriate. I’m a male, it is a shirtless photo but all it shows is my shoulders. Not even my nipples or anything. Literally just my shoulders. I see women all the time with pictures that are obviously showing off sexual features, which doesn’t necessarily bother me but I feel there is a double standard there.

    1. mutualappblog Post author Reply

      Hey Mateo!
      Unfortunately, we do have to draw the line somewhere or it gets out of hand! Our rule on shirtless photos is if there is water in the background with you , you’re good 🙂
      Hope you understand! 🙂

  5. Brian Reply

    Can you please explain how my 5th photo that shows me throwing my 1 year old nephew into the air and who subsequently had a plumber’s crack, got me suspended? Whoever reported that photo has some real issues

    1. mutualappblog Post author Reply

      It my have been because it’s a little baby bum! Not sure! Sorry about that and thanks for takin it down 🙂

  6. Jacob Reply

    So my account was suspended for not having good enough photos I mean I know I had a beard but I just shaved.

    1. mutualappblog Post author Reply

      HAHA! That deff was not the problem! We may just have needed to see your face to verify your account and make sure it is actually you 🙂

      1. Claudia

        Im new can some one explain how to use the app, I meant I trying to see options. And I have to give every each one like in order to continue see the next one, and I don’t really wanna do that!! It’s must be another way


    Removi a foto que estava sem camisa no espelho mas deixei a a outra que tava no lago vou aguardar o desbloqueio da conta

  8. Verónica Reply

    We need to see the photos measurements. I’m Always having trouble fitting photos in this app.

  9. Karina Bloom Reply

    My person email address says that it belongs to someone else, but it’s my name so it belongs to me, confused as to my identity, please do what LDS had to and delite my 1st application, so I reset the programing to correct this email address issue by using Gmail it will recognise, thank you

  10. Daniel Reply

    You know I saw a woman in a bikini in one of her pics on here yet I’m getting penalized for just having a pic with no shirt I mean come on

    1. mutualappblog Post author Reply

      Hey Daniel!
      We do have to draw the line somewhere or things could get wild! We allow swimsuits and shirtless photos as long as there is water included in the pic 🙂

  11. Cheryl Eagleston Reply

    Please check my photos nobody has seen them and I put them on there a month ago


    To whom it may concern;
    My mutual account has been suspended because of a ‘provocative’, ‘innappropriate’, or ‘offensive’ photo of me I posted on my profile page. I find it humorous & flattering & slightly hypocritical when I see more cleveage & skin in 10 swipes when looking at profile pics of the women on your dating app!
    FYI that ‘provocatively offensive’ photo was taken by my mother back in 1994ish when I was 16 years old shoveling 6 tons of gravel in 100 degree heat at my brothers house in Gilbert Arizona.

    1. mutualappblog Post author Reply

      Thanks so much for taking down that photo! We do have to draw the line somewhere or else it will get messy 🙁 I’m not sure what the photo was but it sounds like it was shirtless, correct? We usually only allow shirtless photos when there is water in the back ground of the pic 🙂 I hope you understand! Thanks again for removing the photo 🙂

  13. Gregory Imongirie Reply

    I don’t know how to force replies from all my mutuals, they don’t seem. To respond,, any help from @support

  14. CHINEDU IGWE Reply

    My mutual account has been suspended for reasons not too clear to me, I have changed the pictures I have in my account and yet the account is not yet opened for me…I need help on what to do exactly…. I must get married in the temple this year oo!!

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