6 Ways to Improve Your Mutual Profile Photos

Sep 17, 2019

By Emily Walker

“You look different than your profile pictures”. This is an actual phrase spoken to me on an actual Mutual date. I can safely assume that most of you would agree this is not what you want to hear when you think the night is going smoothly…

Let me spare you this awkward situation with 6 simple tips to improve your Mutual profile photos, without resorting to staging, posing, or photoshop skills.

1. Brighten’ Up

Do you know the best photo editing app on the app store?
Neither do I, and likely the world will never come to a consensus.
The variety is extensive, may include pricey subscriptions, and always take time to navigate. Not to mention that online dating can get sticky when your over-edited photos produce an inaccurate representation of you…

*remember my mistake above 😬

This begs the question, is it worth it to try editing photos at all?
The answer is YES!

The key is to stick to the basics! Most built-in phone photo apps includes a simple but significant editing function, brightening! Limited capabilities will usually prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or going overboard with your editing.

2. Send the Single Signal Without Interference

If you have been on Mutual for any amount of time, you have probably seen a confusing profile photo of a potential match with a potential significant other.

Maybe it is a picture with him and his sister? Or he could be posing with an attractive cousin?

Either way, let’s cut some of the confusion out of the dating game by removing our profile photos that could be from a past relationship. Let’s face it, to future matches, no matter your photo preferences, that’s not cute.

These photos send the message that you may not be serious about a new relationship. Everyone appreciates clear messages sent without interference.

If any of you are still justifying photos from a past relationship in your profile because you don’t have a lot of pictures of yourself… please get a trusted friend to assist you in taking some new photos. I promise you that it will be worth it.

3. Swipers Need Variety

Sometimes swiping through uniform Mutual profiles can get boring. When you come across a profile showcasing 3 different photos of the same person, in one location, with the same outfit, on the same day, surrounded by the same background… well… let’s just say that probably isn’t the most thrilling profile you’ve seen today.

Variety is key in your profile pictures. Display yourself in various settings, surrounded by different friends, taking part in multiple activities.

Your profile photos have the power to stop that swiper from swiping mindlessly – and motivate them to find out what you’re all about!

4. Personality is Key

There are thousands of singles using Mutual, so what sets you apart? What makes you, you?

Your profile photos should be more than just a variety of photos. They should build upon your written bio and tags! If you like to hike, go on casual bike rides, and get cookies delivered to your couch-side on the weekends – then your photos should be a visual display which validates those amazing and unique traits about you!

For example: I am a huge cookie lover, so my profile definitely includes me and a cookie the size of my face at a bakery.

Find at least one new picture to add to your Mutual profile that sets you apart from other users, and opens the door to conversation about an experience or interest that may be mutual!

5. The Rule of 5

“Look at this photo of me in my choir concert!”

A picture is suddenly hovering on a screen inches away from your face; however, you cannot seem to distinguish your friend from the rest of the choir.

As much as you should showcase your interests and personality through your profile photos, please don’t feature photos that are group heavy. Potential matches should be able to quickly distinguish WHO your profile belongs to within one second.

An easy rule is that photos are best cut off when they include a maximum of four people.

6. Smile

You might be overlooking this advice right now, but I beg you not to, and here’s why:

One of the first factors that people find attractive in others is their smile.
Simple as that.

Before you make your main profile picture a mirror selfie of you and your friends flexing with stoic faces in the gym…

Remember the importance of that first impression. 😊

Silly faces can be great as a 3rd or 4th Mutual profile picture if you feel that it showcases your humorous personality, but there is nothing more inviting than a smile.

Who doesn’t love being around happy people?
Smiles are certainly a swipe magnet; so, if you want swiping, keep on smiling.
With all these tips and tricks for your Mutual profile photos, you should be able to take photos at a few of your favorite activities, use simple editing techniques, and smile to attract new matches.

Upload your updated profile photos to your Mutual account and get swiping! In no time you should be making casual conversation about similar interests that you are passionate about.

If I can find a fellow cookie-obsessed weekend homebody on Mutual, then you can find what you are searching for too. Just keep swiping!

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