How Singer Tiffany Houghton Found Her Perfect Harmony on Mutual

Jun 19, 2019

Pop singer Tiffany Houghton found her perfect match on Mutual! She and Adam were recently married in March 2019. Here is their story:

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“I was staying at my friends place in Los Angeles while re-recording a couple vocals on my single “Break Me”. My girlfriends and I were having our weekly Bachelor & junk food night, exchanging horrible date stories and laughing at the hopeless prospect of dating in LA. That night my friend, Christine told me how much fun she was having talking to this sweet guy on a dating app – Mutual. She said it was really nice because she knew she was talking to someone with shared values. She encouraged me to get on it, at least just for my final couple days in LA. Meanwhile, Adam had just graduated from the University of Southern California and decided to spend a couple more days in LA before he went home to visit family & then start his job in the Bay Area. We matched on the app, and after us both living in LA for 4 years without ever knowing each other, we met on our last day in LA.

Adam picked me up in a red convertible Mustang that I knew immediately I wanted to drive before the end of the night. We took turns driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire until we arrived to the main event: Goat Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ ! The goats literally got on our backs! We laughed and stretched and got a hilarious Goat Yoga workout in. After we freshened up and put on our dancing shoes, he took me to dinner and a salsa class 💃🏼! I remember after we finished one of the dance steps, he didn’t let go of my hand. In fact, I don’t think he let go for the rest of the night 😊

I was staying at my friend, @katherineingersoll ’s l place in Newport Beach that night and just before we pulled up he asked me if I had time for one more surprise. He walked me down to the sand and pulled out a floating lantern, like the ones from Tangled! We watched it fly away until it disappeared in the sky and joked about it turning into a star😂. He then turned to me and told me how much he loved spending the day together and wanted to see me again. We cuddled and laughed watching the moonlight reflect on the water, until it was time to walk me home. I kept Katherine up half the night talking about it all. As someone who makes a career out of love songs, I’d been swept off my feet before, but there was something, no, everything different about this one.

After a month of long distance FaceTime dates, I stepped off the plane in San Francisco Airport to see Adam waiting outside the gate with a single rose and a wide smile across his face. I DJ’d as we rode top-down to Dolores Park in SF where we ate a picnic of charcuterie that Adam had prepared. We sipped sparkling Martinelli’s and made shapes out of the clouds floating over the Bay. On our walk back to the car, Adam took me to the nearby Ghirardelli factory where we shared a HUGE chocolate Sunday!😋 We then started our drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, where we would be camping with some friends that night. Along the way, we pulled over at a little unmarked dirt road that led us to a completely deserted beach. Adam chased me across the sand and then we watched the breathtaking pink sunset on our own little private beach paradise while debating whether or not Finding Dory was a great movie 😂. We agreed we still liked each other even if we disagreed about it!

We pulled into Big Sur campground late that night, and jumped out of the car to join Adam’s friends Maggie and Andrew in preparing a campfire dinner! Adam was determined to make me a Dutch oven Cranberry-Apple pie, and had brought all (he thought) that we would need. We ended up only having half of the dough we needed, missing a few semi critical ingredients, and almost using a cup of Cumin instead of Cinnamon 😬 in the dark (thank goodness we noticed that before putting it in) but with everyone helping innovate, we got that Apple Pie made, and the Dutch oven in the fire. Because we didn’t want to wait an hour for it to cook, we tried to put twice as many coals on and around the Dutch oven to cook it twice as fast 🙈, but when it started smoking we realized that that wasn’t quite how it worked 😂. Turns out we completely incinerated the pie but the laughs and delicious filling was worth it. The next day we went on a gorgeous hike around Big Sur, and then drove top down along the sunny Pacific Coast Highway, belting along to The Greatest Showman, Hamilton, Wicked, and Adam’s favorite song of mine, Pretty Pretty.

We dated long distance with Adam flying in to see me almost every week, and “I like you”’s turned into “I love you”s which turned into “Will you marry me.” We were married on March 23rd and haven’t stopped smiling since. As a Pop singer, it has been difficult to find guys that were genuinely interested in me and not just my status, music, or being tagged on my Instagram. Mutual gave Adam and me the platform to get to know each other blindly enough to get to like each other from scratch and then take the spark and make it a flame. So glad to have finally found my perfect harmony. Thank you Mutual!”




Photos by @johncainphotography and @jonathangibsonphotography

Tiffany Houghton is an American singer-songwriter from Dallas. She’s toured with and opened for bands such as One Direction and MKTO. Boasting a #1 song on Radio Disney, Catch Me If You Can, Houghton has received accolades from Billboard, Seventeen Magazine, J-14, Twist, and Teen Vogue. She currently owns and operates her own label, Instar LLC, under which she is releasing music all throughout 2019.

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