Aligning Your Self Image (Part 1)

Written by Liv Talley, LDS Dating Coach & Expert Hi my love, Did you know that self-image is at the root of everything in your life?

Met on Mutual: Molly & Matthew

Originally I downloaded Mutual as a joke, figuring that I probably wouldn’t be finding my future spouse on there and then Matthew popped up. We matched with each other and then the phone calls and video chats started happening….

Met on Mutual: Abigail & Jackson

I grew up in Kansas in a non-member community, so a week before I left for college at Utah State, my friends downloaded tinder and so I thought it would be fun to fit in with the crowd and…

Meet Our Mutual Experts

Julie Balkman is a Certified Life Coach, trained and mentored by 3 coaching programs, 8 years coaching experience, former co-host of a three-year…

Met on Mutual: Logan & Yuraima

Logan and I met thanks to mutual, and I started a conversation and spoke English and Spanish and I was speaking Spanish only, so all our conversations were in Spanish, and our conversations were in English from the beginning…

Met on Mutual: Branna & Luis

Luis and I matched the same day I downloaded mutual. I deleted it right after I gave him my number because I knew I probably wasn’t going to be interested in anyone else! We both moved to Utah to be…

Get The Love You Want… Now

Hi loves, You’re here because you struggle with dating–right? You’re following all the IG accounts, reading the blog posts, attending singles activities, and so far nothing is working for you.

Met on Mutual: Shawn & Ashley

She said I was her first date from the app. We’ve both been divorced for 2 years. We first met back in early April on the app and only went out a couple times in the first month, but…

Allow For The Possibility

by Julie Balkman

Met on Mutual: Stephanie & Erik

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am from Ecuador and I arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 21, 2018. One Sunday, October 14th, 2018 to be exactly. I was bored that I was swiping up on mutual….