12 Days of Giveaways, 24 Winners!

Congratulations to all of our giveaway winners! Thank you to everyone who participated and made our favorite tradition great this year.

Day 12: Stanley Cup from The Buy Guide

Two winners!

Winner: Lacey Elkington @elklac08

Winner: Kenna Bradley @karlissa.ashby

Day 11: mutualDates Credit

Winner: Kellie Seely Campbell @kellieseely44

Day 10: Book & Dating Coach Session With Liv Talley

Three winners!

Winner: Julienne Bringhurst @jenbringwell

Winner: Meg Higbee @itsmegg96

Winner: Stephanie Curtis @stephcurtis1

Day 9: BYU Basketball Mini Season Tickets

Winner: Carol Kwong @carolyuen.kwong

Day 8: Thread Wallet Swag Package

Winner: Ashton Bowles @ash.bowles_

Day 7: Hope Ave Gift Card

Winner: Elizabeth Cook @elizabeth_cook_

Day 6: Dirty Dough

Six winners!

Winner: Sierra Leach @sierra_leach22

Winner: Shanda Lier @shanda.lier

Winner: Becca Mcginnis @mcginnisbecca

Winner: Ali Poulson @ali_paulson

Winner: Mckenna Rice @mckenna.k.rice

Winner: Garrett Harom @garrett_harmon

Day 5: Minky Couture Gift Basket

Winner: Janessa Dover @jenessadover

Day 4: 3-Month MutualUp Subscription

Four winners!

Winner: Mike Jennings @ledzeppelinbaby

Winner: Zach Nilsen @zach_nilsen_

Winner: Jamie Mae @ropertech76

Winner: Scotty Maxwell @​​suits_svufan23

Day 3: Chantel Lauren Wedding Dress

Three winners!

Winner: Clarice Paulson @coachingbyclarice

Winner: Rosie Dahl @rosiedahl

Winner: Christina Westover @westoverallover

Day 2: Olive Ave Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

Winner: Kyler Nuckles @kylernuckles

Day 1: Trip To Hawaii

Winner: Brinlee Brooks @brinleebrooks

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