Exclusive Deals on MutualUp – This Weekend Only!

What deals are being offered for Black Friday?

This weekend, get up to 70% OFF a MutualUp subscription!

BEST – 70% OFF

New Wingman Deal! Get two 6-month MutualUp subscriptions (one for you and one for a friend) for only $7.20/month each ($14.40/month for both)


Get the popular 6 month MutualUp subscription for only $8.99/month!

GOOD – 40% OFF

Get a 3 month MutualUp subscription for only $12.75/month!

What is the Wingman deal?

The Wingman deal is a Black Friday exclusive buddy pack – one for you, one for a friend. When purchasing a Wingman deal, you purchase two six-month subscriptions. You will receive an email with two promo codes after purchase. Both subscriptions will be active for six months after the first code is activated. Give one code to your friend so you can both enjoy MutualUp! (It’ll be up to you to collect the Venmo payment from your friend for their half. 😂)

How do I redeem a purchase?

If you log in when making your purchase, the subscription will automatically be applied to your account (unless you are already premium, see below.) If you choose to checkout as a guest, you will receive an email with a single-use redemption code for each subscription purchased. You can click the link in the email to activate your code.

If you are unable to activate your subscription, please send us your proof of purchase with the redemption code and we can activate it manually!

What if I already have MutualUp?

If you already have a MutualUp subscription, you can still take advantage of these great deals! Find out how here.

How do I gift a subscription to others?

Shortly after purchasing a Black Friday promotional package, you will receive an email with a single-use redemption code for each subscription purchased. All you need is to give that code, and they can redeem it on their account.

Does this auto-renew once it expires?

Yes! When your subscription time is up, it will automatically renew. Hopefully, you won’t need it to though. 💍 👰 🤵If you do not want your subscription to auto-renew, you can log in to mutual.app/account to see your subscription information. Click the button at the bottom of the page to cancel your subscription. This will not immediately end your subscription but will stop it from auto-renewing when the subscription period ends. We recommend canceling at least 24 hours before renewal to make sure the cancellation occurs in time.


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