All About Boosts

To celebrate the release of some awesome new in-app features, we’re giving everyone a FREE 5-pack of boosts! But what are boosts? And why should you use them?

Imagine you’re swiping through the app and naturally you see someone you’re interested in. You could swipe up, and then sit around hoping that they eventually see your profile and swipe up on you too. OR you could take some action to make sure they see your profile. This is where boosts come into play.

What is a Boost?

A boost anonymously prioritizes your profile in someone’s swiping feed so that yours is the first that they see. It’s essentially a cut in line of potential suitors that ensures your profile is seen. The other person won’t know that you used a boost on them. For all they know, the algorithm could’ve placed you first in line!

How are Boosts different from Notes?

A boost prioritizes your profile in the other person’s swiping feed. Whereas, Notes prioritize your profile AND lets you send a message before matching.

Unlike Notes, they won’t know that you used a boost – it’s completely anonymous. Notes are sent directly to the other person’s inbox and Liked You screen regardless of whether they swipe up on you or not.

How do I get Boosts?

All users will get 1 free boost every week. MutualUp subscribers will receive 1 free boost every day! Additional boosts can be purchased within the app.



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