Met on Mutual: Alex & Shae

Back in March of 2021 I sent a note to a cute girl named Shauntae (Shae). She replied, and we began messaging back and forth. Things were going well, and we seemed to have a lot in common. But one day, Shae stopped responding. Ghosted… We didn’t talk for almost two months. I was almost ready to delete the Mutual when I decided to send a couple follow-up messages to some girls I had previously chatted with. Shae was one of these girls and I was stoked when she replied.

A couple messages later and she gave me her number so we could keep talking over text. Texting turned into our first date — mini-golf and fro-yo. I suggested we play trick shots instead of traditional and Shae was up for it. It was a great first date, and before the end, we had already set up a second.

Then before our second date arrived, Shae texted and offered to drive up so we could go on a short walk. I’m no dummy, so I happily accepted. We walked around the Brigham City Temple. We ended up spending almost the whole day together and talked about so many things. It didn’t take too many more dates before we made it official.

Having both been in recent serious relationships, we had a good idea what we were looking for in a partner and felt we had found it. So as we got to know one another better, things progressed quickly and after much prayer, we got engaged! We’ll be getting married in the Brigham City Temple in August, and we couldn’t be more excited.


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