Met on Mutual: Mallory & Alex

“Mallory and I were recently divorced. Being divorced can be scary, overwhelming, and left us with a lot of questions. I often wondered if I’d be single forever because I felt like a failure. Other dating apps lead to nowhere and being 28 at a singles ward isn’t the most inviting experience.

I decided to try Mutual. Within a couple weeks of meeting other LDS singles on there I was blown away at how many other divorced individuals there are! People that understood what it was like to come home to an empty house and the heartache that goes along with it. It was like a breath of fresh air, talking to other LDS singles in my situation.

Then, I met Mallory.

You know how you grow up dreaming that you’ll meet, “the one”. How they’ll be perfect for you and you’ll live happily ever after? Those thoughts, for me, melted away through life experiences and my previous failed marriage. But as me and Mallory started talking, we both knew instantly that this was the real thing. We are similar in every way. We connect on a level that I never thought possible. And I truly have never been this head-over-heels in love before in my life. She has a little boy from her previous marriage and I have a little girl from my previous marriage. I have tattoos, and so does she. We both have had hard childhoods that involved abuse. We simply ‘get’ each other.

We are our own perfectly imperfect family. We’re going back to Church and have a goal of getting sealed next Fall. Our wedding was simple, and in the courthouse. It seems like those things are more common if it’s a second marriage.

I met my eternal companion, someone who understands me more than anyone else has in my life, and who loves me as much as I love her. And that is thanks to Mutual. Mutual showed us the door, and I’m forever grateful that I chose to knock and that Mallory chose to open it.


PS. Something that 100% encapsulates our marriage and journey is this. In the picture above that is of all four of us, her son, Mavrick and my daughter, Lenna are trying to hold hands. They’re holding hands but it’s not with their fingers intertwined. It’s not with her hand cupped in his. It’s in their own ‘innocent’ way, and who’s to say that isn’t perfect? That is us. An imperfect, perfect family.” – Alex


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